Tree Surgeon First Aid Course

1 Day Tree Surgeon First Aid course  - This course has been specifically designed for Tree Surgeons and includes scenarios including casualty simulation. Please do not expect Powerpoint Presentations because the course runs outdoors and is highly practical. 1st...

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British Heart Foundation – CPR training for schools

To increase survival rates from Cardiac Arrest, The British Heart Foundation are supplying free CPR training kits to schools that are eligible. The BHF state that 1 in 10 people who have a cardiac arrest outside of hospital in the UK survives. This really...

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Ryan saved his dad’s life by performing CPR

I had the privilege of teaching Mark on an Outdoor First Aid course over the weekend. His storey is truly amazing and its why I know First Aid is the most important skill we can all possess. Mark put his two boys through a First Aid course when they were...

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