Search & Rescue

Team Building

Failure is not an option

Search & Rescue

Reports of a Light Aircraft seen to be in trouble in the area. Last seen losing altitude quickly over dense woodland in the vicinity and radio contact was lost.  It is believed according to last co-ordinates that the aircraft crashed in the woodland.  Not sure how many on board or whether any survivors. These woodlands are very remote and a search and rescue team with survival skills will need to be deployed as aerial search has proven negative. This team need, to work together and be equipped with basic survival tools as well as first aid kit, Map and compass.  Their mission is to locate the plane and any survivors and administer first aid if applicable and get them to further medical assistance.  On route they will need to solve puzzles, clues to reach the destination as well as use natural resources at their disposal.

Search and Rescue Experience Learning Outcomes  

Team Building



Problem Solving

First Aid 


Critical Thinking

Survival Skills                                        


  • To Learn and Understand the importance of Survival Skills
  • To Learn and Understand the objectives and skills of a Search and Rescue Team
  • To provide First Aid in a remote environment

Benefits of Attending

  • Shows existing team dynamics and behaviours
  • Promotes team bonding
  • Inspires appreciation of individual strengths
  • Develops creative problem solving skills
  • Demonstrates advantages of co-operation over competition
  • Improves decision making and leadership skills
  • Relieves stress levels through activities that inspire laughter and learning
  • Increases self esteem
  • Develops ability to find opportunities in change and deal effectively with challenges
  • Promotes individual and collective growth with fun and memorable experiences
  • Fits perfectly into elements of the national curriculum
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