Team Cohesion

Meet the team



Lead Instructor

Andy Sullivan

career started as an operational fire-fighter, with hands on First Aid experience, in the Kent Fire Brigade. I served with Kent Fire Brigade for 17 years; and qualified as an instructor. In my last few years of service I became the Manager of First Aid training for the Brigade. Whilst in this role I worked closely with the Ambulance and Air Ambulance services.

I changed careers to become a Resuscitation Officer in the NHS, developing new skills in teaching and providing Advanced Life Support. A new role which gave me extensive knowledge and experience in advanced care.


Lead Instructor

Shaun Taberer

spent almost 7 years serving in the Royal Air Force before embarking on a career as a Police Officer. My final 8 years prior to retiring, was teaching in schools, Colleges and Universities, gaining a teaching qualification from Roehampton University.

Since then I have delivered many adult courses including, First Aid, wilderness survival, bushcraft, employability, IT and filming.

I also spent three years as a Senior manager in a Young Peoples Charity before embarking on a solo filming career, working with many organisations, Charitable, Public Service and private businesses, but still enjoy assisting young people with media skills and CV evidential work experience.


Lead Instructor

Daz Pooley

I started my career at the age of sixteen within the construction industry as an apprentice bricklayer. At the age of 28 to this present date, I have had 23 years’ experience in education. Seventeen years at Sussex Coast College Hastings as a bricklaying lecturer and six years at  an organisation in Rye, East Sussex where I completely changed my career path teaching Arts Awards, GCSE’s and BTEC’s in Creative Media studies, this involved photography, film making and music.

When I do find some spare time from work, I enjoy physical outdoor activities and pursuits that involve walking, hiking and sailing. I also play a bass guitar in a classic rock band that performs regularly in Kent and Sussex, but my main passion is cinematography.

Instructor & Advisor

Rob Wilkinson

Registered Nurse x 32 years & Registered Paramedic x 10 years – Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance Flight Crew, Clinical Manager and Helicopter Emergency Medical Service Medical Course author/Educator – Motorsport Medic x 38 years – Clinical Lead, NHS Ambulance Service.


Mark Pittock

27 years Fire & Rescue – RAF Medic with one tour of Afghanistan – Community First Responder – Fire Service First Aid Instructor.